BCM112 Transmedia Skittles Race!

I’ve made a goose chase spanning across a number of different media platforms. The first person to reach the end wins four packets of Skittles because honestly I’m sick of eating them and I have no idea why I bought so many.

Start by going to the link in the Vine and follow the instructions on each page to reach the next 🙂



6 thoughts on “BCM112 Transmedia Skittles Race!

  1. This is a great initiative to explain the idea of what transmedia is, to be completely honest I don’t really want the skittles, perhaps you could’ve kept the prize a secret and spelt out little hints as to what it could have been towards the end of the journey? Perhaps that would have made it more exciting for a wider audience? Other than that I think this was a great idea as this weeks blog post. Keep up the good work 🙂

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  2. Love how you’re encouraging an interaction with the audience, it really creates an explanation of transmedia that is not only accurate, but allows you to involve your self into it. I really like this!


  3. Love that you’ve created this to help explain what ‘Transmedia’ is! It’s interactive and engaging for your audience and the effort you put in to it was totally worth it, such a great idea. Great work! 🙂


  4. This was such an interesting take on transmedia, utilizing multiple media platforms and getting participants to think outside the box with some of the tasks was definitely an original and unique challenge.
    Who won? Are the skittles still up for grabs? I got to the final stage but didn’t have time to do the final activity.


  5. I like the way that you engage and interact with audiences! It is one of the brilliant ideas and is totally worth it! Using multiple media platforms and encouraging audiences to participate the tasks which are shown as URLs were the best challenge I have ever seen. And you brought out the great idea what transmedia is. Great job!


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