Pancakes are delicious, and that’s all my Reddit bot can say.


In reflection to Week 10’s lecture about non-human Twitter accounts, I decided to create a Reddit bot: /u/ReallyLikePancakes. Much like Twitter bots, there are already numerous Reddit bots including AutoWikiBot and CoinFlipBot. My ability to actually make an app that does this properly is pretty limited, so the bot itself isn’t exactly useful, but it can still be amusing at times.

What the bot does is constantly search all new comments posted to Reddit for the word “pancake”, and responds to these comments with “Yum! :)” That’s it. Useful, right?

The main working part of a bot that really likes pancakes and nothing else.
The main working part of a bot that really likes pancakes and nothing else.

After finishing the program and ironing out some pretty major issues such as the bot constantly replying to itself, I ran the bot for 24 hours to see some of the responses. To see all the comments, check out the bot’s Reddit profile. Here are some examples of the bot’s comments:


The bot’s still running, you can test it out by using the word “pancakes” in a comment! Note that /r/AskReddit bans all bots, so it doesn’t work there any more 😦


6 thoughts on “Pancakes are delicious, and that’s all my Reddit bot can say.

  1. Unrelated, but for the longest time on Reddit, I absolutely detested the /u/australia_bot.
    So quite like yours, it’d pick any mention of the word ‘Australia’ and would take the entire contextual post
    and flip the text upside-down.
    Like for no reason. It got so old, so fast.


    • The joke is Australia being in the Southern hemisphere so we’re ‘upside-down’ compared to the US 😛 I remember the bot and it was pretty funny to start with, but yeah it did get old pretty quickly.
      I only plan on leaving this one on over the weekend and then taking it down, and besides – are pancakes mentioned as often as Australia? 😛


  2. I am glad you took this concept away from the original example of Twitter. Going one further and actually writing a program into Reddit is just…well beyond my expertise *applause*.


  3. Absolutely an awesome idea, not just to write about a topic but to immerse yourself into it. I Through my own research I found a fair few ‘twitter bots’ but I didn’t even think of reddit bots! It’s a shame that reddit has banned bots, but I can understand why they may have.
    Your post really informed me of how they actually work technical wise. Thank you!


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