28 Tracks Using The Same “Woo” Sample

What you’re hearing at the start of the podcast is one of the most frequently sampled tracks in electronic music – the acapella from Loreatta Holloway’s Crash Goes Love, released in 1984. It’s now been sampled in 129 tracks from artists such as deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Don Diablo and David Guetta.

In light of this, I decided to make a compilation of 28 tracks that use the Crash Goes Love sample to demonstrate just how often it is used in dance music. The name/artist of each song is annotated on the Soundcloud track in real time 🙂

Should the artists of sampled tracks make a commission for their content being used in new media? Let me know what you think in the comments.

This is my Soundcloud podcast post.


5 thoughts on “28 Tracks Using The Same “Woo” Sample

  1. This is so clever and creative! Wishing I was as savvy as you to compile this together. It makes a really interesting point about one thing can be used in so many other new and creative ways depicted by the artist and what they want to get across, in this case its a dance track, but this theory can definitely be applied to other media forms e.g. books that are made into movies. Its the same thing but used in a different way to make a new message (sounds familiar right?) #themediumisthemessage

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  2. This is really clever except you’ve set the SoundCloud to autoplay and it would be really good if you could turn that off because every time I start scrolling through #BCM112 on WordPress and this post loads it scares the s*** out of me!


  3. Killer mashup man – I’m almost certain that there is a ‘time-limit’ factor when sampling, to which an artist needs to abide by when producing tracks with the purpose of selling it. After this so-called ‘legal time-limit’ then there will someone handing them a subpoena for it. Keep spinning man!


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